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Coded Crossword

This game is an interesting variation of traditional cross word puzzles. In this cross word without clues, each letter is represented by a number. Cross word grid is filled with such coded numbers.

Three numbers are decoded to give you a start. A number always represent a single letter in a game. Your task is to complete the crossword by decoding all the numbers in to words. Unlimited number of games and fun guaranteed

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Coded Crossword Puzzle Game

These puzzles are already popular in printed form. However the software form of this code breaker puzzle game, has its own advantages

  • Once you decoded a number into letter, the "Coded X-Word" software automatically puts that letter in all occurrence of that number.
  • Keeps a list of used and unused letters to make it easier for you.
  • When you doubt a guess, You can check current state.
  • You can ask the coded X-word to reveal a letter to get more hints.
  • UNLIMITED number of puzzles. Every time you play, you get a new game at no extra cost. Something you cannot think of, in printed form

Free Trial Download 1.8 MB   Buy Now   $10 (US Dollars)

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