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Aracade Scramble

Play the the scrambled word game in your PC now. The letters of a word is scrambled. You will have to un-scramble the letters given to form meaningful words
The traditional word scramble game with thousands of puzzles and two game modes. You can race against time and find the words quickly or take your own time to find all words.

Free Trial Download 1.6 MB   Buy Now   $14.99 (US Dollars)

Arcade Scramble : Word Puzzle Game

Features Of Arcade Scramble

  • Save and replay
  • 8 high scores
  • A hidden clue in the form of target words in each size
  • 20 puzzles to try and Thousands of puzzles In registered version

Free Trial Download 1.6 MB   Buy Now   $14.99 (US Dollars)

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Arcade Scramble
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